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How to create a Discord server in 2022

Discord servers are the heart of the platform, without great servers Discord simply wouldn’t exist. It brings a lot of questions to play what makes a Discord server great?

I’m writing this guide for beginners, maybe you are moving from Reddit over to Discord or maybe you are starting completely fresh. Continue reading to learn how to start your very own Discord server, set it up, and get rolling within no time! Follow our 5 step guide.

Step one Let’s make the server

First of all, we need a Discord server, it doesn’t matter what device you are using you will be able to make one from your PC, Tablet, or Mobile device. On the left-hand side, you will see the Discord logo and underneath servers you have joined. You will see a green rounded button with a plus in ( + ) press on it, if you don’t see this scroll down until you cannot scroll anymore. Once you’ve successfully found this option you will be greeted with a page to pick predesigned servers from an example is shown below.

Choosing what theme is right for your server is important, you should think carefully about this. You don’t have to pick one of the templates provided, you can create one from scratch. For this instance, we are going to create one from scratch.

Step two It’s time to make some channels

If you’ve chosen a template this will be done for you to skip to the next step, if you’ve chosen to start from scratch we will need to make some channels. To get started we will need some basic channels, Rules, Chatroom, Bot commands, Announcements & Staff Chatroom. To create a channel head to the server you’ve created and click on the server name at the top, you will see “Server settings” click on this and scroll down to Channels, if you are on Desktop you will see a plus icon ( + ) on the side of the category. You will want to make 3 Categories. Important Infomation, Community Channel’s & Staff Zone. Make sure to put rules & announcements in important information, chatroom & bot commands in community channels, and finally staff chatroom in staff zone. Once you’ve done this it should look like the image below.

Step three Role setup

We wouldn’t want members who just joined the server to be able to see the staff chatroom, or even mention everyone so it’s important to set up some permissions. Navigate to the server settings and pick roles, you may see an option to pick between premade role permissions if you do create 3 roles Moderator, Admin, Bots. Pick the option which fits each best. If you don’t see that option or would prefer to do It manually create the same 3 roles, for Admin go to the permission page and allow the administrator permission to do the same for the role of the bot as well.

Step four Let’s design our fresh new sever

The next important part of this process is designed, a well-made server will impress members and retain them. The design of the server highly depends on the server, for example, an anime community might choose an aesthetic theme while a Programming server might go with more basic formatting. It’s best to play around with the theme to see what you like a good place to find aesthetic characters is

Step five Let’s grow it!

Now everything is ready, you have a snazzy new server to show the world. You can grow the server using Magicly Advertising they have over 80,000+ people and are effective to grow. Right now you can get a free Premium subscription trial when you DM the ModMail bot “Magicly”. I’ve also made a guide about how to grow your server read about it here


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